The medical application for the UV dosimeter focuses on the sterilization of hospital rooms. Our mission for medical sector is to accomplish a high level of hygiene and tackle bacteria-free challenges. The pigment in our UVC dosimeter reacts to the amount of UV exposure in hard to reach places; ensuring a cleaner safer environment for all.
Our consumer products are marketed and sold under our Smartsun brand, and focuses on making families’ lives better. Smartsun UV indicators make it easy to know when you need to reapply, or head indoors to avoid a sunburn. Simply put on the indicator, apply sunscreen, and monitor the color changes, to help prevent sunburns and skin cancer.

Research & Development

We're continuing to develop our dosimeter technology, and are finding new applications for it. In addition to the dosimeter we have other projects in the pipeline.

Prevention is Key

Our focus is on preventive measures through the use of UV technology to help check skin cancers and infections.


We know that there is no such thing as one-size-fits-all solution and every market has its own unique realities.