Intellego Technologies development is based on its patented dosimeter technology which can be modified to a specific wavelength area and energy amount. Intellego’s technology is today used in and by consumer goods, medical, pharmaceutical, food, production, manufacturing, and construction industries.


UV radiation explained

  • UV radiation is produced by the sun and some artificial sources, such as solariums or UVC sanitation equipment.
  • The sun’s UV radiation is the major cause of sunburn, premature aging, eye damage and skin damage leading to skin cancer
  • UV radiation can be divided into three groups, UVA, UVB, and UVC, according to the wavelengths of the radiation
  • The energy in the radiation depends on the wavelength; a shorter wavelength has more energetic radiation
  • To put it in rather simplified terms, we can say that the more energetic the radiation, the greater the risk of injury
UV wavelength diagram
  • Most UV radiation, both from the sun and solariums, consists of UVA radiations
  • Solariums usually have a higher percentage of UVA radiation than the sun
  •  Darkens skin pigment and penetrates into deeper skin layers
  • Causes skin to age prematurely and may cause skin cancer
  • The primary cause of sunburn
  • Causes skin to age prematurely and may cause skin cancer
  • Does not penetrate the skin as deeply as UVA
  • Starts the formation of Vitamin D in the skin
  • Highest energy
  • Does not reach the earth’s surface but is absorbed by the atmosphere
  • Used in applications such as special lamps to kill bacteria

App Development

Intellego Technologies has in its development portfolio initiated the development of an application for smart devices (mobile or tablet) that would be able to scan the color change of patented photochromic ink allowing for digitalization of its indicators. The requirements from sectors, fields, and industry are fast pacing into digitalization, therefore, Intellego Technologies believes that an easy application for its products will eventually be required by the market to be able to transit analog into digital and embrace the full potential of integrating dosimeter technology with other digital systems.

Short about the App Development

  • In development
  • Scans the color change of the indicator
  • Allows more accurate and detailed information
  • Allows storage capability for periods of time for tracking UV exposure
  • Smart learning system that would be able to predict UV exposure
  • Customization for consumer or industry
  • API enabled
  • May be brand labeled.

Vitamin D indicator

Every year millions of people suffer from Vitamin D deficiency resulting in large health effects on a global scale. One of the causes of Vitamin D deficiency is due to a lack of exposure to UV radiation, which stimulates Vitamin D production. The lack of UV exposure can, for example, be due to lack of outdoor visits due to working indoors. Generally, a small amount of UV radiation is enough for the human body to create a sufficient amount of Vitamin D.

Short about the Vitamin D indicator

  • In development
  • Measures the radiation which stimulates Vitamin D production
  • Developed together with dermatologists
  • Tested for functionality at Swedish Technical Research Institute

UVA indicator

UVA indicator – indicates the exposure to UVA radiation

Short about the UVA indicator

  • In development
  • Can be used with or without sunscreen, which can be applied to your body and to the Smartsun indicator
  • Prevent pre-aging skin and wrinkles
  • Detects UVA radiation
  • Tested for functionality at Swedish Technical Research Institute

UVC dosimeter

UVC indicator – let you know when a surface or area has been exposed to a certain amount of UVC radiation. The indicator changes color at a certain energy level.

UVC radiation is a growing industry where the radiation is used as a safe and efficient way to sterilize a surface or an instrument in e.g. hospitals or food processing facilities.

Short about the UVC indicator

  • Can be modified to also measure UVA and UVB radiation
  • Can be modified to change color at specific energy levels
  • Tested for functionality at Swedish Technical Research Institute