About Us

Intellego Technologies was founded in 2011 and is a rapidly growing research and development company. Intellego´s main goal is to develop its patented dosimeter technology which can indicate when e.g. a certain radiation or substances is present. Intellego is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. The research and development departments are located in Western and Southern parts of Sweden. Intellego’s technology is a patented photochromic ink which changes color when it is exposed to a certain amount of radiation or substances. The application areas are widespread, and Intellego is today working within three main fields: consumer products, food // production industry, and the medical // hospital field. In addition, Intellego Technology does also have several other development projects in its pipeline.

Business Model

Intellego Technologies’ business model includes development projects with partners and sales of market-ready products through its, or partners, distribution network. Intellego has a unique development model which enables it to go from product-idea to market launch in 6 months. As Intellego’s products are based on its proven indicator technology together with its partners and distributors, Intellego can reduce the time to market and the risk and cost of each development project.

Market and Sales

Intellego’s products are mainly sold as consumer goods, within food & beverage production industry, pharmaceutical production, medical equipment, hospital, and industrial sectors. Our sales are conducted through distributors and partners in different markets. Intellego’s products are available in 15 countries worldwide.

Our distribution partners

Intellego’s distributors serve a variety of market segments including the consumer goods, food production, medical production, medical equipment, hospital, and other industrial sectors. Intellego Technologies current main geographical focus is on the major markets in the EU, which has over 300 million inhabitants.