Intellego Technologies is a rapidly growing research and development company. Intellego’s main goal is to develop its patented dosimeter technology. The patented dosimeter technology can indicate when radiation or substances are present. Our patented technology is based on photochromic ink which changes color when exposed to a certain level of radiation or certain substances. The application areas are widespread, and Intellego is today working within three main business fields: consumer products, production/manufacturing industry, and the medicial/hospital field. In addition, Intellego has several development projects for other applications in its pipeline. Intellego’s products are sold in 15 countries worldwide.

Consumer Products

Our focus into consumer products is concentrated to families sunprotection and products under own label or private label.

Manufacturing / Production

Our patended technology is applied to manufacturing and production facilities that require a high level of UV sanitation.

Medical / Hospital

Our mission for medical and hospital environemnts is to accomplish a high level of hygien and tackle bacteria-free challenges.

Interview with CEO

Portrait of CEO Claes Lindahl

Intellego Technologies, CEO, Claes Lindahl, tells us more of his work in developing dosimeter technology and the medical research business

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