Our mission is to lead the way in developing, educating, and validating UV technology to ensure it’s effectiveness.

Intellego Technologies is the world’s leading manufacturer of colorimetric ultraviolet indicators

UVC Dosimeters are used in Healthcare, Hospitality, Retail, Transportation and Commercial Applications around the world


Using a patented colorimetric technology, Intellego is the world’s leading manufacturer of ultraviolet indicators for the most in-demand devices that utilize the optimal germicidal wavelengths on the UV-C spectrum.

Intellego’s color-changing indicators provide instant, visible evidence of an invisible process, so end-users can confirm that their device has delivered sufficient irradiation to kill or inactivate harmful bacteria, viruses and spores.

smartsun uv indicator bracelets

At Intellego, we are committed to providing data-driven UV solutions that have a transformative impact on the UV curing industry.

Our dosimeters play a critical role in ensuring precise UV exposure levels, enabling efficient and effective curing processes across various sectors. From manufacturing to dentistry, UV curing offers versatile applications, and our dosimeters empower businesses with real-time data to optimise the curing process and achieve consistent, high-quality results.

Growing a Sustainable Future


Maximize Your Harvest & Monitor DLI

Intellego Horticulture is dedicated to paving the way for sustainable growth practices. We believe in a greener future, and our solutions reflect that commitment. Whether you’re a seasoned horticulturist or just starting in the field, our products are designed to help you achieve more sustainable and environmentally friendly growth.

smartsun uv indicator bracelets

Be Safer in the Sun

Developed with dermatologists, SmartSun indicators change color to demonstrate when to apply more sunscreen or when you’ve been exposed too much sun. Available in wristbands and adhesive sticker formats.