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Our Story

Welcome to Intellego Technologies, where innovation and excellence converge in the realm of UV technology. Our journey began with a clear vision: to lead in the development, education, and validation of UV technology, ensuring its utmost effectiveness. With research-backed and third-party authenticated UV validation tools, we accurately measure UV doses, guaranteeing they perform as intended.


As pioneers, we’ve revolutionized how industries approach disinfection and sterilization, empowering businesses and institutions with data-driven UV solutions. Our unique dosimeters set new industry standards, delivering precise UV validation, whether in healthcare, manufacturing, or horticulture. Committed to creating a safer, healthier future, we continuously collaborate with researchers and experts, advancing UV-C disinfection capabilities. Our goal is to establish UV technology as an indispensable asset, safeguarding lives and enhancing outcomes for businesses and communities alike. Join us on this transformative journey.

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Charting the Path Ahead

Our Mission and Vision

“Intellego’s mission is to lead the way in developing, educating, and validating UV technology to ensure its effectiveness in various applications and industries.”

At Intellego, our mission is to lead the way in developing, educating, and validating UV technology to ensure its effectiveness. This mission is deeply rooted in our core values, which guide every aspect of our work and interactions. As Straight Talkers, we believe in transparent and honest communication with our clients, partners, and team members, building trust and fostering strong relationships within the industry. Our dedication to being Problem Solvers fuels our commitment to finding innovative solutions for the challenges faced by our clients, enabling them to optimise their UV technology applications.

As Action Takers, we take the initiative to drive positive change in the UV technology landscape. We continuously strive to improve our dosimeters and services, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible to deliver exceptional value to our customers all over the world. Embracing the spirit of Change Makers, we are passionate about making a meaningful impact in the UV technology industry. By constantly evolving and embracing advancements, we contribute to a safer, healthier future for people and businesses across the world.

Our values not only shape our internal culture but also define how we engage with the world. Through our mission and values, we stand firmly as industry leaders, delivering reliable and effective UV validation tools backed by research and third-party authentication.


 “At Intellego, we are committed to driving positive change, fostering innovation, and leaving a lasting impact on the well-being of people and the planet.”

Our Products

Welcome to the world of Intellego dosimeters, where years of research and hard work meet precise validation. Our dosimeters are designed to transform and validate UV technology applications across industries, ensuring effective and accurate UV exposure monitoring for enhanced safety and efficiency.

At Intellego, we understand the critical importance of precise UV radiation, and that’s why our dosimeters are engineered to provide real-time data on UV intensity and exposure time. Whether you’re in healthcare, manufacturing, horticulture, or any other industry, our dosimeters empower you to optimise your UV processes, validate disinfection protocols, and meet stringent safety standards.

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Working around the world

Intellego’s UVC Dosimeter line has seen explosive growth in the past few years. UV-C disinfection devices are now being utilized in virtually every industry, which is driving the need for 3rd-party validation to ensure authenticity, optimal performance and proper usage.  Intellego’s color-changing dosimeter technology enables end-users in any industry to confirm the safe, effective and efficient use of ultraviolet disinfection systems. Our products not only build consumer confidence in the use of UV-C, they also increase equipment sales and provide a channel for recurring revenue.

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