Intellego Technologies Debuts New TRI Check Dosimeter Card

Surfacide®, the Leader in UV-C Disinfection Technology, is the First Company to Utilize the New Product With Customers and Sales Team

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WAUKESHA, Wisc. and SOLNA, Sweden — December 1, 2022 — Intellego Technologies is pleased to announce the launch of its TRI Check dosimeter, a newly designed ultraviolet dose indicator card created to make measuring and monitoring of UV-C disinfection processes easier than ever. Intellego has tapped Surfacide, the leader in UV-C disinfection, as the first company to utilize the new product in the field with its customers.

Because UV-C is a direct line of sight technology, the importance of being able to audit disinfection devices on a regular basis to ensure UV-C dose and effective device placement and run-times are critical. UVC Dosimeters make the invisible ‘visible’ by providing real-time, easy to read visuals that give validity to whether the applicable dose on the card has been achieved.

The TRI Check dosimeter features an updated layout of its photochromic indicator area and a left-to-right orientation of the color references for 25, 50 and 100 mJ/cm². Based on the popularity of Intellego’s Quick Check dosimeter, the new TRI Check dosimeter also features a check mark icon that becomes visible with UV-C exposure, making it even easier to verify UV-C has been distributed in the space.

Surfacide is the only patented UV-C disinfection system on the market to utilize a trio of ‘robotic’ UV light towers in a single cycle, which has been proven to increase room disinfection coverage over single emitter devices by reducing shadows, time and labor. With an influx of UV companies entering the market during the pandemic, many unfounded claims of efficacy and whole room disinfection have emerged. The new TRI Check dosimeters are important indicators for facilities to not only assess if their UV devices are performing, but also confirm that doses of germicidal irradiation have actually been delivered.

“We’re seeing a new trend emerging in healthcare facilities to take a more committed approach to environmental hygiene monitoring, especially when it comes to enhanced disinfection interventions like UV-C,” said Wendy Walling, Intellego’s Global Director of Marketing. “For years, facilities have been monitoring and auditing their manual cleaning processes per CDC guidelines. Now, some are beginning to apply those same auditing principles to their enhanced disinfection methodologies such as UV-C. Intellego’s UVC Dosimeters make it simple for facilities to evaluate UV-C device performance so they can maximize the benefit of the technology.”

“At Intellego, our mission is to make the benefits of UV-C disinfection visible and help facilities truly see their success with germicidal ultraviolet irradiation. We’re so proud that Surfacide has taken the lead with our UVC Dosimeters and will be the first to utilize the new TRI Check dosimeter with its customers and sales team,” says Claes Lindahl, CEO, Intellego Technologies.

“Given our Helios System is the only one on the market to use multiple robots in a single cycle, we’re excited to use the new Intellego TRI Check dosimeter as they allow us to prove to our customers where the energy from our technology has been delivered, instantly showing them the benefit of using multiple robots versus one during a single cycle,” said Gunner Lyslo, Surfacide Founder and CEO. “These cards are empowering for our industry, especially with the false claims being made by companies in the space, and we are proud to be the first to use them and help lead this effort in transparency.”

About Intellego Technologies

Intellego Technologies is a research and development company, headquartered in Solna, Sweden. Founded in 2011, Intellego has grown to become the global leader in colorimetric indicators that are utilized worldwide to visually validate the dose of ultraviolet irradiation delivered to surfaces. Through its patented photochromic technology, Intellego manufactures standard and customized indicators that make the benefits of germicidal ultraviolet light visible and promotes the safe, effective and efficient use of UV applications. Intellego’s products support better outcomes with ultraviolet devices in healthcare, food and beverage manufacturing, environmental services, and more. For more information, visit and

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Founded in 2010, Surfacide is a UV technology company producing scientifically proven, medical-grade UV devices. Surfacide’s award-winning Helios® System is the world’s only patented, triple emitter ‘robotic’ UV light solution to reduce bacteria, some fungi and viruses. A trusted partner, Surfacide has been deployed in over 500 leading hospitals, nursing homes, dental offices, fire stations, prisons, police stations, commercial office spaces, hotels and public venues worldwide. Surfacide LLC is proud to be American-made and manufactured in Waukesha, WI. Visit the Surfacide website to learn more or contact one of our professional support specialists at (844)-390-3538.

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