Intellego Technologies to participate in the CDC’s Vendor Day 2022

STOCKHOLM — Intellego Technologies today announced their forthcoming participation in the Centers for Disease Control’s Vendor Day on Thursday June 16. Intellego Director for Global Marketing, Wendy Walling, will present on behalf of Intellego to the CDC’s Division of Healthcare Quality Promotion (DHQP). Walling will be discussing the importance of Intellego Technologies’ UVC Dosimeters and how they promote the safe, effective and efficient use of UV-C devices, as well as a discussion on the topic of CDC oversight vis-à-vis the auditing, measuring and monitoring of UV-C technology use in healthcare.

Sponsored by the CDC, Vendor Day is an opportunity for companies to share information about the scientific innovation around their product or service as it relates to the prevention of healthcare-associated infections. In turn, DHQP personnel learn more about a vendor’s offering and are able to ask questions and provide feedback.

Intellego Technologies looks forward to sharing important data and research about UVC Dosimeters, the world’s #1 colorimetric UV-C indicator.

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