Intellego Technologies’ UVC Dosimeters now available via Medline

Intellego Technologies is pleased to announce that UVC Dosimeters are now available through Medline, the #1 market leader in healthcare product distribution for surgery centers, acute care facilities, skilled nursing facilities, nursing homes and more in the US and around the world. The color-changing ultraviolet dose indicators are available in two styles on and are intended for use with UV-C devices utilizing the 254 nm wavelength.

According to a company statement, “Medline has a strong portfolio of ultraviolet light disinfection systems to help fight against harmful pathogens. To ensure accurate use of our UV devices, we have partnered with Intellego Technologies. Intellego provides an array of UVC-254 dosimeter strips that change color to verify that the proper dose of UVC irradiation was delivered. We are excited about this partnership and to give customers peace of mind that their UV devices are performing as expected.”

Designed, tested and manufactured in Sweden, UVC Dosimeters by Intellego Technologies are the world’s most-respected, single-use UV dose indicators to provide visible and reliable evidence of successful germicidal irradiation.

According to Claes Lindahl, CEO, Intellego Technologies, “The global pandemic has reinforced not only the need for ultraviolet disinfection systems in healthcare environments, but it has also highlighted the need to audit and verify performance with our easy-to-use UVC Dosimeters. Our products enable staff to determine in real-time if sufficient levels of germicidal UV-C have been delivered to surfaces. UVC Dosimeters are an important, independent measurement tool to optimize procedures, find efficiencies and train staff on the effective use of ultraviolet devices.”

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UVC Dosimeters - 254nm TRIcard packaging
UVC Dosimeters - 254nm TRIcard packaging

Medline offers two UVC Dosimeter products: the 254 TRI Card and the 254 Dot Indicators. Please click an image to view that product on

About Intellego Technologies AB
Intellego Technologies is a research and development company, headquartered in Solna, Sweden. Founded in 2011, Intellego has grown to become the global leader in colorimetric indicators that are utilized worldwide to visually validate the dose of ultraviolet irradiation delivered to surfaces. Through its patented photochromic technology, Intellego manufactures standard and customized indicators that make the benefits of ultraviolet light visible and promotes the safe, effective and efficient use of UV applications. Intellego’s products support better outcomes with ultraviolet devices in healthcare, food and beverage manufacturing, environmental services, and more. For more information about Intellego, visit For more information on Intellego’s line of colorimetric indicators, visit

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