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Intellego Technologies recently partnered
with CleanSlate UV to help make the success
of UV-C visible to their customers.
At Intellego Technologies, our mission is to support the safe, efficient and effective use of germicidal UV-C irradiation by providing a means to obtain visible and accurate evidence with our UVC Dosimeters.

CleanSlate UV devices are in use in healthcare facilities, public transit, retail, education facilities and more, enabling users to rapidly sanitize smartphones and other small items in 20 seconds. While the customers wait for the cycle to finish, they can also sanitize their hands before retrieving their newly-disinfected phone or tablet.

Because germicidal UV-C is invisible and the sanitization process is performed in a closed cabinet device, the use of Intellego’s dosimeters with CleanSlate UV provides real-time evidence of successful ultraviolet germicidal irradation (UVGI).

The pandemic and the on-going risk of hospital acquired infections have demonstrated the need for effective, non-chemical disinfection technologies like UV-C to reduce the risk of pathogens on high-touch surfaces in the healthcare environment. Intellego Technologies is proud to support CleanSlate UV and their customers who want the highest standard of UV-C disinfection that is both reliable and verifiable.

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UVC dosimeters and cleanslate UV
“The assurance that UVC Dosimeters provide is critical; so much that their use has become a routine process for several of our customers in their Infection Control protocols,” Kevin Truong, CleanSlate UV Director of Product.

According to CleanSlate UV, UVC Dosimeters from Intellego Technologies play an integral part in the validation and maintenance processes of its devices while ensuring proper dosage is delivered during disinfection cycles.

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