UV Assure
Leading the way in UV Curing

 At Intellego, we’re proud to lead the way in curing solutions. Our cutting-edge technology and innovative approach are setting new industry standards for safe and efficient curing methods. Whether you’re in manufacturing, construction, or any field that requires curing processes, our solutions are designed to optimize your operations.

We are committed to providing data-driven UV solutions that have a transformative impact on the UV curing industry. Our dosimeters play a critical role in ensuring precise UV exposure levels, enabling efficient and effective curing processes across various sectors. From manufacturing to dentistry, UV curing offers versatile applications, and our dosimeters empower businesses with real-time data to optimise the curing process and achieve consistent, high-quality results.


smartsun uv indicator bands from intellego technologies

UV Dosimeters: How They Work

Simple and easy to use Dosimeters

UV Assure Dosimeters allow you to ensure your materials are receiving an optimal dose fo ultraviolet irradiation during the Curing process.

Designed, tested and manufactured in Sweden, UV Assure Dosimeters provide real-time, easy and accurate validation of the UV dose to support your manufacture processes.

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