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Intellego Technologies Receives Innovations in Infection Prevention 2020 Award

The C Diff Foundation recognizes Intellego Technologies’ innovation with its UVC Dosimeter and the importance it serves in Infection Prevention

On March 19, 2020, the C Diff Foundation announced the recipients of their annual “Making a Difference” Innovations in Infection Prevention award. Intellego Technologies is one of three innovative companies to receive the award which will be presented at the 8th Annual International C. Diff Conference in Boston, MA on Nov. 11, 2020. 

According to Nancy Caralla, Founding President and Executive Director of the C Diff Foundation, Intellego Technologies is being honored for its innovation with UVC Dosimeters and the importance they serve for Infection Prevention and their ability to improve the quality of UV-C disinfection in the Healthcare Environment.

“Intellego Technologies’ UVC Dose Indicator is one of the best ways to ensure an area has properly been disinfected with UV-C irradiation,” says Ms. Caralla.

Intellego Technologies, founded in 2011 in Stockholm, Sweden, is now the No. 1 provider of colorimetric dosimeters that are helping UV-C manufacturers and healthcare facilities around the world achieve optimal results with germicidal UV-C. The UVC Dosimeters are designed with a patented photochromatic ink that changes color based on the accumulated dose of UVC light in the 254 nm range. The UVC Dosimeters are available as 2.5″x3″ cards or 1″ dots with adhesive backings and are designed to be easily placed on surfaces around a room to validate if an appropriate amount of UVC irradiation has been administered. Click here to download the Product Information sheet.

In the simplest terms, the UVC Dosimeters allow users to “see their success” when using UVC to fight invisible pathogens. 

In a study conducted by leading researchers from Case Western Reserve University, The Cleveland VA Medical Research and Education Foundation, and the Louis Stokes Cleveland VA Medical Center, Intellego’s colorimetric UVC dosimeters exhibit an easy-to-see color change from the unexposed yellow, to orange and then pink. The orange color change correlates to a 3-log reduction of MRSA; a pink color change correlates to 3-log reduction of C. Diff spores. According to the study conclusions, the dosimeters provide a visual indication of accumulated UVC irradiation to inactivate MRSA at 10,000 µj/cm2 and C. Diff spores at 46,000 µj/cm2. Click here to review the data.

Germicidal UVC disinfection has been in use since the 1960s as an effective ‘no-touch’ technology to help eradicate harmful, unseen pathogens on surfaces that are often missed by traditional manual cleaning and disinfection methods. The use of Intellego’s UVC Dosimeters, in conjunction with ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI), provides an important visual validation that optimal disinfection of surfaces is being achieved. As stated in UV-C Monitoring Made Ridiculously Simple, “Most healthcare facilities do not have a means to measure UV-C to determine if effective doses are being delivered. The colorimetric indicators provide an easy means to monitor UV-C dosing.”

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